New year, Fresh start

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I used to be a resolute breaker of resolutions. I would resolve to eat healthy and I did! I ate brocolli! For two days and then life would get in the way. Life has a way of running away with time and the stoutest of resolutions. I should know.

I used to, because I stopped. It’s not something I set out to do.  I just stopped making sweeping statements of what I wished for and instead started making a solid plan of what I wanted to achieve within the year, set down the timelines and the action points.

I came across a piece of paper while doing my filing the other day. It’s a list I drew up towards the end of 2016 of the things I wanted to achieve in 2017.

The paper had three columns labelled what, when and how. What surprised me is that without ever referring to the paper, I had met most of the goals I had set for myself within the specified timelines.

One of the things I had set out do was complete my bachelor’s degree which had been hanging over my head forever. That was my what. To make it for the August 2017 commencement ceremony, I had to complete my course work by April. That was my when. I then did a degree audit to determine how many units were pending and scheduled to complete them which involved signing up for the holiday intersession classes.  That was my how. I’m super proud of myself and the items that was able to tick off.

Have a solid plan of what you want to achieve in a specific timeline and follow through


The one goal that remains elusive has to do with the little matter of my weight. Even when I weighed the weight I finally hope to weigh in 2018, I still thought I was fat. Before you go flying off the handle saying I have an unhealthy relationship with myself, I will have you know that I’m a perfectly balanced adult woman raising three well-adjusted children. You must take my word for it!

I don’t recall ever working out as hard as I did in 2017. I was down at the gym every day.  I wasn’t there pouncing around in sappy pink hand-weights. No! I was grunting and lifting, giving my life and soul to the version of herself I hoped to see.

I fail to understand what sorcery this is, that has kept the scale so unrelenting in its determination to remain un moved by my effort. But, I haven’t given up, I’m picking up my sweat drenched gym towel and trying harder in 2018. In the meantime, ill keep sucking in my stomach and wearing spanx. I’ve got this! It’s three days since I quit sugar and I already feel thin.

I also made progress at being a better parent.  I yell at my kids less, listen to them more attentively and communicate disappointment calmly even when it means wrapping my anger in a veneer of civility.

Most importantly, I realized that I, and parents in general have the biggest influence on our kids. What they think of themselves, how they treat others, what they think they can or can’t achieve. We have influence over that and I’m determined to keep using mine well.

If like me you didn’t meet your goals for the year gone, don’t sweat it and don’t quit on yourself. You have another chance to live your best life yet. Which is the nice thing about a new year. Anything is possible.

Happy new year

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  1. David

    Well happy new year to you too.

    I like the clearly defined goals with what, when and how. And the positivity and self compassion is very encouraging. With most elusive goals, like weight loss, time is your best friend.

    I hope we can read a success article about it next year. In the meantime, good luck in 2018.


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